Bottle Packaging- Trends

Bottle Packaging- Trends

Eco –friendly packaging products gaining popularity day by day. Thanks to the awareness programs by various organizations. Recent data shows consumers prefer to purchase goods that have reusable values. Food and drink products are the ones that people purchase often and the packaging for these perishable and nutrient-rich products demands an eco-friendly cum reusable options.

There are three types of packaging.  Primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. Primary packaging is the one in direct contact with the product itself and is sometimes referred to as consumer or retail packaging. The main purpose of primary packaging is to protect and preserve. The preferred item for this type of packing is glass bottles, metal cans, and plastic bottles.

Carton boxes also compete in the market with glass and plastic bottles with properties like increased shelf life, moisture-absorbing quality, anti-aging, and anti-microbial protection. Growing demand for “ready used foods” increases the importance of both glass and plastic bottles. Though they can be reused and recycled, the bitter truth is the challenges in their safe transportation.

With recent innovations, the transportation of these bottles becomes easier. Customized carton boxes come as a handy solution for safe transportation and storage. Packaging in the glass is always reserved for high-value products. These bottles carry many items like acids, beverages, soft drinks, daily needs, medicines, etc…

Primary packaging is preferred for this type of goods transportation as they give added support to the product with its denser, thicker carton boxes. The design for customized carton boxes includes partitions, separators and individual compartments.

Recent Trends in bottle packaging.

#1. Cylindrical Paper Tube boxes

Cylindrical paper boxes are preferred for bottles that are to be transported in singles. These customized carton boxes can be recycled completely. They are made from various metal moulds so that the width and height of the tube can be customized easily. These tubes can be laminated with an aluminium foil layer for food packaging. The customization extends further to lids, inserts, etc. making them economical and eco-friendly.

#2. Larger boxes with dividers

This type of carton box is customized to handle multiple bottles at a time. The customization can vary to hold bottles from numbers 3 to 24. These boxes are manufactured with dividers to separate each bottle from colliding. Extra customization like double walls, cushioning benefits in easier handling and, safer transportation. The different types of customized carton boxes used in packaging are named Basket wrap, cluster wrap, cluster clip, enclosed pack, and multipack.

#3. Window inserted boxes

This type of customized carton box allows the consumer to gaze through the contents of the bottle it holds, the colour and quantity to give the feel of the quality and taste of the liquid. This helps to increase the demand for the product.

Branding and Printing

The customized carton boxes designed for the respective bottles’ transportation needs hold the brand name, labelling, and printing; give additional marketing for the product.

The use of corrugated boxes and customized carton boxes reshapes the packaging industries and helps in their growth with the latest innovations.



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