5 Reasons to Choose Corrugated Boxes for Packing

5 Reasons to Choose Corrugated Boxes for Packing

Nowadays 90% of products around the world are shipped in corrugated boxes. So it has become packaging material of choice for various industries. The main reasons for choosing corrugated boxes for packing are,

  • Maximum Protection
  • Easy to Reshape
  • Cost-Effective
  • Feasibility
  • Biodegradable

1. Maximum Protection

The corrugated boxes have become the best option in packing Industry. The great strength to ample strength gives maximum protection to goods. The corrugated boxes make it deal with packing technique simple. The corrugated boxes designed it in such a way that it is pressure-resistant and it won’t be harmed by distinctive shape and size of the items which are used for storing inside the boxes.

2. Easy to Reshape

Corrugated boxes can be reshaped according to product size. The boxes will get in numerous sizes. These boxes can easily fold into different shapes. It has 3 layers covering so it provides a stable cushion for products. The products we can transfer stably and safely. The main advantage is the corrugated boxes can be easily customized for promoting the company’s branding. Custom branding is very much essential for attracting customers. It helps to give more professional means for all business.

3. Cost-Effective

Many companies developed different packaging solutions over some time. So as a study of current requirements of packaging industry corrugated boxes meets all criteria. It considered as most inexpensive compared to other options. It requires not much labor cost. Material waste-reducing is an important part of any business. Corrugated boxes will help to reduce space wastage.

4. Feasibility

In exporting industry the right transport packaging is very essential. They have to be careful about withstanding in different environments for eg high humidity and creep. So the corrugated boxes help up to a certain level to withstand in harsh environments. The corrugated boxes have high feasibility to withstand.

For the manufacturing industry, most of the customers prefer to reduce the weight and shipping cost. At the same time, it has to provide maximum protection to the goods also. There comes the relevance of corrugated boxes. It is strong and lightweight. Since it is lightweight the shoppers need not pay extra charges for shipping. The corrugated boxes have high durability. So that it can be used to carry a wide range of products.

5. Biodegradable

Corrugated boxes are biodegradable and recyclable. The main ecological superiority of corrugated boxes is that they are mainly making from recycled paper, corrugated boxes recycled again after they have been used. Another advantage is that corrugated packaging is made without dyes or bleaches so that it can be disposed of more sustainably than other types of materials used for packaging. The corrugated boxes are manufactured from paper pulp and timber from fast-growing pine trees.

The corrugated box suppliers usually harvest materials from sustainable forests. They usually replace the harvested trees. The corrugated boxes are easily collapsible and reusable

As the advancement of the packaging industry, it has become important to choose the responsible packaging choices. There are rules and regulations for companies to know about the environmental impact of the materials they use. So as an eco-friendly solution

Corrugated boxes are on high demand. So buying packaging materials a bit overwhelming and we have to choose for the best environmentally friendly options. If we didn’t choose the right material it will end up with damaged goods.

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