Things to Consider while Manufacturing Custom Cardboard Boxes

Things to Consider while Manufacturing Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes come as a solution for packaging industries with their numerous benefits. Countries like India, with their growing population, struggle to manage an eco- balance and they depend on small scale industries for the economic growth and solution for unemployment. With the flourishing e-commerce business in metro Indian cities like Bangalore, many small scale industries emerging to fulfil the packaging needs of e-commerce giants like Amazon, flip kart, eBay….

For a small scale cardboard manufacturing industry to be successful, they must consider the factors like easy availability of raw materials, demand for the packaging, competitors, availability of workers, plant location, transportation facilities, recycling possibilities etc… with the increased demand, the success of the unit depends on the way they manufacture customised boxes.

Custom cardboard boxes mean cardboard boxes that can be easily designed in various shapes, size layouts, etc. based on business needs.

Following are the things to consider for manufacturing custom cardboard boxes Bangalore India

Type of product

In metro cities like Bangalore (India), most of the people order their essential things online. These things range from electronic goods to food items. So it’s mandatory for the manufacturers to consider the type of product to be packaged. For food packaging, thick customized carton boxes are used while for electronic goods corrugated boxes are used.

Product size:

The main idea of packaging is to protect the product from various environmental challenges. So the packaging should fit the product size appropriately to avoid difficulty in transporting and storing. Recent customers show interest in suitable packaging as they hate unwanted storage.

Types of Accessories

In addition to product size, the appropriate accessories like tapes, printing methods, and fillers to be used should be selected based on the custom cardboard boxes in Bangalore- India as the weather plays a major role in storage.

Planning according to the capacity of the manufacturing Unit

Custom cardboard boxes in Bangalore (India) as more demands, based on the occasions and weather. So, for a proper on-time delivery of the product to the customer, the unit should be provided with the details of the requirements in advance. So the unit can plan for the manufacturing process according to the capacity of the plant and to avoid wastages.

Standards and reusability

It’s important for the manufacturers of custom cardboard boxes in Bangalore to fulfil the local standard norms by the government and to manufacture eco- friendly reusable products. With creative reusable modes these empty boxes can act as a brand registrar which helps in retaining the customer.


The customer, prefer a quality reusable product and at the same time they don’t want to pay extra for packaging. So wise designs to be made to satisfy both their needs and be cost effective. The cost should be determined both for single unit and bulk purchase.


The design of the customized cardboard boxes changes based on the need of the hour. It’s mandatory for the manufacturing unit to be prepared for the demands in an efficient way.

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