5 Wonderful Ideas to Decorate Your Diwali Gift Boxes

5 Wonderful Ideas to Decorate Your Diwali Gift Boxes

Diwali,” festival of light” is celebrated all over the world. The festival is enjoyed with gifts, crackers and sweets. Gifts brings smile and togetherness in people. The tradition of gift giving during Diwali conveys the idea of respect and good wishes for a prosperous year ahead. With wonderful decorations, these gifts can be made even more memorable. Many items like diyas, sweets, toys, wall hangings, jewelry etc are gifted during this festival.

Based on the gifts, the gift boxes can be foldable, rigid or expandable. In this festival season, online gifts are gaining popularity. Even though one plans to deliver an online purchased gift, it is better to have some personal wrapping above the gift to express one’s care and loveliness.

It’s a right time to remember that the gift boxes should be eco-friendly. Some eco-friendly boxes are grey boxes, corrugated boxes etc. Advantages of grey boxes are durability. These boxes are trustworthy for a gift packing which can withstand both the transportation and storage challenges.

Some Diwali decorative ideas are,

  • The normal brown gift boxes can be turned into lovable boxes by having some personal hand notes or art patterns over them. Different simple stickers and glittering paints make the gift boxes outstanding. In some cases, a colourful glittering tape over the plain gift box serves the purpose.


  • The jewellery gifts can be packed in rigid grey boxes. These boxes are meant to hold the item in a place and provide additional safety from external factors. Some of these grey boxes have a glossy finish. So these can be decorated just with a beautifully tied bow to make it presentable.


  • For kids gift boxes, the boxes can be made from origami art to make them interesting .they not only attract the kids but also helps them to learn new things and to be creative. Other options are to decorate them with puzzles sheets or small toys.


  • At the end of the festive meal on Diwali, the host presents their guests with traditional sweets as Diwali gift boxes. To make these sweet boxes attractive and interesting the host can try some hand carvings in the sweet. This makes the regular sweet outstanding and expresses your creativity. The boxes used for gifting sweets can be lined with butter papers and have compartments to hold the sweet pieces to retain the freshness and shape of the sweets. The lid can be decorated with some layered frills and laces or small rangolis for an additional touch.


  • When dry fruits are the gift option, the dry fruits are first placed within covers to retain their freshness and crispiness. The gift boxes used should be rigid with a lid. The lid can be either closed or transparent with neatly arranged fruits inside. With paper quelling techniques the dry fruits shapes can be decorated in the lid to make them attractive.

The gifting ideas are enormous and only creativity is the key. The gifts are the ways to express one’s love and affection to the other. Based on the people, time and festival mood the gifts can be decorated in many ways.

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