Different Types and Uses of Grey Board Boxes

Different Types and Uses of Grey Board Boxes

In shipping business ensuring product safety is a serious concern. For that, we have to take proper precautions during the transporting process. So choosing the right type of packaging is very critical. There comes the relevance of grey box manufactures. The grey boxes helping packaging people more conventional packaging options.

The benefits of using grey boxes are,

• High Durability
• Flexibility
• Cost Effectiveness


Most of the boxes are made from paper. They designed in such a way that it will be lightweight and highly durable. The boxes are making in a design concept called flutting. The flutting are the protective liners between two papers. So it is highly durable and moisture protection. They are making in such a way that it resists water and other transportation damages.

There are single-walled grey boxes also there. It is often using for medium duty work. For posting purpose we need only single walled boxes. Double walled boxes are using for heavy duty. They have high rigidity. They can be used for shipping products.

We can select the box depends on color and packing tape. The boxes fixed together using glues, threads or by stitching. We can make the custom boxes depends upon the color and cardboard type.


An additional benefit of corrugated boxes is how flexible they are. Boxes can be made in a large variety of sizes and can be single, double or even triple walled for more protection. Air Seal Containers offers custom corrugated boxes upon request. In fact, there are thousands of possible combinations as far as corrugated boxes go, making this one of the most flexible packaging options today. One main advantage of using grey boxes are they are making from recycled materials. They can be broken down into pieces after every use. The main advantage of using such boxes are shipping options becomes easy. The recycling of such boxes will provide a positive impact on the environment.

The grey board boxes mainly used for making gift boxes, wine boxes presentation boxes, jewelry boxes etc. In some level, it is also used for making notebook papers, book covers, folders, and albums.

The grey board manufactures making the boxes in different grade qualities.

They are mainly,

1.  Grade A: In GradeA it has two sideboards.

The grade A quality has two-sided grey boxes. It is mainly built from waste papers and high-quality corrugated paper.

2. Grade AA:  It is full grey board and made from recycled newspaper. Its quality is very good and better than GradeA. This is mainly used for packing he weighted substance.

3. GradeB: is prepared from waste newspapers. It is only one layer. So quality is less compared to the above two.

4. Glossy Grey Boxes: Some grey boxes have a glossy finish. It has a smooth surface. It mainly used for arch file, boxes, hardcover book, puzzle etc

All the above grades are suitable for different packing purposes. The transportation people can get it from packing box manufactures. We can select the grades depends on the business requirements.