Growing Packaging Industries in India – Trends & Strategies

Growing Packaging Industries in India – Trends & Strategies

The Indian packaging industry has undergone a major growth over 2016-2020. Today’s packaging industry is not about just making containers, It plays a major role in terms of product branding and promotion. The design of the package plays a major role in marketing. It helps to improve marketing and user experience.

As the global demand for packaging expanding packaging industry very much influenced by consumer preferences, industry dynamics, and environmental factors. There comes the relevance of corrugated box manufacturers. The following factors provided an amazing way for corrugated box manufacturers in India to show their talents.

#1. The rise in internet penetration

There is tremendous growth happened in the e-commerce industry. As a result corrugated box manufactures become an integral part to venture markets and to gain substantial market share during the business life cycle.

#2. Omni-channels distribution strategies

As the advancement in E-Commerce, the demand for rigid Packaging, using cartons or corrugated boxes is increasing nowadays. Especially when transporting products such as electronics requires firm protection the corrugated boxes can provide extra protection and rigidness. Packaging of Ecommerce needs extra protection since it moving from one place to another. Online shopping is like receiving a gift, customer satisfaction is very much important in receiving goods.

#3.Visually appealing packaging

Visual appearance is an important factor in determining online sales. Premium packaging will give a visual appearance to the product. It helps to improve customer satisfaction. Improper packaging can lead to negative and bad perceptions. The sales rate directly depends on customer satisfaction

#4. Efficiency in packaging

The efficiency of packaging depends on the speed at which the corrugated box manufactures can meet the business requirements. The printing and designing of package speed are very important. The corrugated box manufacturers have to meet the increase in demand for online shopping.

#5. Versatility 

The explosive growth of e-commerce leads to the packages has to meet the increasing demand for the huge requirements of different product sizes and shapes. The corrugated box manufacturers mainly focus on strength, durability and recycling material used, etc. The increase in popularity of corrugated boxes is it offers strength, high durability and is commonly recyclable.

The packaging industry has to undergo testing before delivering the product. The durability and safety have to test before the product transmission.

As the packaging industry considered in India it is well poised because of raw materials easily available in India. When we consider the food packaging industry number of innovations happening for branding and promotion. When we select suitable packaging material we need to consider lifestyle patterns growth of per capita income and health consciousness of people.

The differential methods and different materials used across packaging formats drive fundamental shifts in the market. These differentials result from various factors such as changing business requirements, customer preferences, regulatory compliance, and innovation within the packaging market the corrugated box manufactures has to seek the latest information on consumer trends and opportunities to formulate the package design and color.


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