Guidelines for Product Packaging

Guidelines for Product Packaging

E-commerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase them easily through online retailers and marketplaces.  With the e-commerce takes a reputed place in globalization, the product packaging also gains equal importance.

Packaging is an art and plays a major role in attracting consumers. Packaging is as important as the product itself. Even a best manufacturer’s products fail because of poor packaging. The end consumer is very happy at the first sight if the products they receive have well-sealed packaging. So the manufacturer’s gives equal importance to package departments as that is the face of their product.

The main aim of packaging is to deliver the product safely to the end user. It used to protect the product from the external environment by all means. Based on the product to be shipped the packaging also differs. The most common packaging materials used are corrugated boxes. The corrugated boxes provide good product safety and shelf life. They are used from heavy electronic goods to store fruits and food products.

Guidelines for Safe Packing

 Type of Packing Material

The first and foremost thing to consider is the product and decide the packing material.  if the product is food-based, then a  thin boxboard carton is sufficient to retain its freshness. It doesn’t need multilayer packaging as the food items are already placed inside a sealed pouch.

Mode of Transport

The traveling mode of the product also decides the packaging, if the product as to travel long distances, the product safety is important as utmost care cannot be given in all means of transport. So multilayer packaging or packaging with air-filled bags are necessary. Usually, corrugated boxes with air-filled pouches surrounding the product are used.

Package Labeling

The Package labeling is important as it contains the information about the product. The labeling normally includes the type of item, their weight, shape, and manufacturers logo. For food items, their nutrition values are printed to make the customer’s choice easy. The appealing pictures in the package will attract children’s which helps in sales of the product. Some symbols in the labeling enable us to understand the care we need to take while transporting. For example, if the product is glass the symbols denote the limited pressure to be applied on the packages.

Insulating Materials

Certain products in spite of good packaging need insulators too protect from external heat and physical impacts. For example, thermocols acts as good insulators as they are light in weight and efficient in handling physical impacts. Many electronic goods are first sealed with thermocol layers and then covered with corrugated packing box.

Brand names and colour

The packaging also acts as a good marketing piece. The brand name and the manufacturer’s logo should be printed in such a way to appeal the customer and register the respective brand in customer mind.

As a conclusion, the packing ways, the manufacturer’s uses should speak about their efficiency in handling a product, care they take to deliver them to the end user, their marketing tactics and their eco-friendliness.