Latest Packaging Innovations in 2019

Latest Packaging Innovations in 2019

The advancement of e-commerce and developments in printing technologies helped a lot to grow the corrugated packaging market. Corrugated cardboard is the packaging material choice for many industries across the world. sustainable packing solutions. The corrugated boxes are customizable and cost-effective. Let us delve a little deep into the corrugated box manufacturing industry.

According to studies, E-commerce sales have an annual growth of 20 % across the world. This will have a huge impact on corrugated box packaging demand.

1) Tetra Pak

Tetra packing has become a worldwide approved packaging solution. The main advantage is it is environmentally friendly. Tetra pack company provides full-color printing on its packaging. The company reduces the complexity of design handling. Tetra pack mainly uses bioplastic extracted from sugar cane. It has a wide range of opportunities for product customization.

2) Fit-to-product corrugated boxes

Since the advancement of the e-commerce packaging charge is a major concern. So packaging must exactly fit the product to reduce the wastage, So for dedicated e-commerce sellers fit product packaging very important. Once the package is exactly fit it can give extra protection. The package will not be at irregular shapes also. With fit to product packaging, the packaging cost can reduce very much. The helps for the production of customized packing for all products

3) Corrugated cardboard gift cases

Corrugated cardboard gift boxes are very popular in markets. With the help of flexo printing and UV offset printing, the boxes become more attractive. Corrugated boxes have more printing and graphics capabilities. So it makes the packet more attractive and at the same time, it will act as a marketing tool for brand promotion also. The corrugated gift box will be available in different sizes also. In gift boxes, we can put the company logo, company name, and other promotional messages. This is a smart means of brand promotion.

4) Cylindrical barrels corrugated box

Cylindrical barrels Corrugated Boxes are mainly for holding a weight of 20kg. This mainly used for logistical requirements across the world. It is making with single material with auto-lock bottom. This will help for easy assembly. Cylindrical barrels are of different sizes. It is also capable of customizing the Curling Boxes to cater to the variegated demands of the buyers

5) ReCup

ReCup is the fully recyclable paper cup trend that began production in 2017. It is making from earth coating, Since it is recyclable it is widely accepted is the first fully recyclable paper cup and began production in October 2017. The recup making from resin coating. After seeing such innovations all companies thinking about the recycling options. It will help to reduce the wastage up to a certain level.

Corrugated box manufactures provides a stable cushion for keeping products safe, It also helps to keep moisture away from products. Corrugated box packaging is easy to customize depends on business requirements. So it will act as a brand promotion and also a medium for transferring the items safely.

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