Growing Packaging Industries in India – Strategies

Growing Packaging Industries in India – Strategies

The rising demand for safe and cushioned packaging resulted in packaging industries attaining a sturdy growth in India. The fast-growing youth population of India and flourishing e-commerce sites put packaging as a major demand. Among different packaging, corrugated box packaging is prominent because of easy availability and recyclability.

Corrugated box packaging is an inevitable part of the manufacturing sector. The manufacturers rely on corrugated box packaging for both an easy and safe way to transfer the produced goods to the consumer. They suit the storage purpose of many products. The globalization has brought new hopes to the Indian manufacturers of corrugated box packaging by upgrading to the latest technologies which are meant for faster, economical and quality-driven products.

The corrugated box packaging industry of India is facing many challenges like intense competition, quality scrutiny, dynamic market standards and time horizons. The small and medium scale industries of corrugated box packaging play a critical role in economic growth.

To achieve steady growth, the packaging industry should concentrate on the systematic approaches and strategies like

Packaging Strategies

#1. Planning of raw materials

Easy availability of raw materials like paper, board and adhesives at low transportation cost should be planned. Fluctuation in raw material pricing should also be taken into consideration. These raw materials should be customized based on the customer need to keep a long term business.  Alternative materials like corrugated plastic should be considered while packing products with high moisture.

#2. Automation of the system

The automation of the machines helps in both increased productivity and reduction of manual errors. Maximizing the automation to upgrading demands like a flexible, retort and bio-degradable packaging helps to survive with the competition in the food industry and pharma industry retort type of packaging is familiar as it increases the shelf life.

#3. Printing methods

Leading brands prefer their packaging to be attractive and to bear their brand name in the packaging. So the corrugated box packaging manufacturers should consider various printing methods to popularize the brand name. Innovative and trending techniques should apply to the package to market the product.

#4. International standards

The manufacturers should consider both the domestic and international market before fixing the standard for the raw material. The industries can replace heavyweight products with overall lightweight materials as cost-cutting measures reducing freight charges.

#5. Recycle handling

The corrugated box company should plan recycling in an efficient and profitable manner in such a way most of its wastes are recycled. All the regulation rules should be followed in the disposal of solid waste materials.

#6. Marketing

Marketing plays a key role in developing the business of the small scale corrugated box packaging meet the competition and to stand out from the crowd traditional and digital marketing methods should popularize the unit.


The packaging industry after the industrial revolution, use both the traditional and modern methods that transform the packaging sector. With proper regulatory norms, support from government and automation methods the corrugated box packaging sectors will have tremendous growth in fore-coming years.

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