Packaging Materials, Equipments and Trends – An overview

Packaging Materials, Equipments and Trends – An overview

The corrugated box manufacturing is one with significant economic growth globally. The custom box manufacturing considered an encircling sector with lots of technological input and design works. The custom carton box manufactures has to ensure that products are safe during transit and also safe until it reaches end-users.

Trends in the packaging industry and machinery

As the advancement in the e-commerce packaging industry also started growing. Custom cardboard boxes manufacturing is its part isn’t left behind in such evolutionary changes. The flexible packaging and digital printing possibilities have led to an increase in demand.

#1. Progress in flexible packaging

Worthy of mention is the latest developments going on around flexible packaging which has led to its increased popularity in recent times. Flexible packaging always helps to reduce wastage. The package size always depends on product requirements. Flexible packaging helps to accommodation space of the products and can be easily or bundled together to save space. There are various flexible packaging types such as bags, envelopes, pouches, and wraps, etc. The main popularity of flexible packaging is its convenience of use and less storage space.

#2. Recycled packaging materials

With the increase in industrial wastage, people are scrutinized for their environmental impact, There comes the relevance of responsible packaging choices. In the shipping of products also we have to think about the environmental effects of the material.  The corrugated box manufacturers have to be aware of the benefits of using more sustainable packaging such as paper-based corrugated boxes. The main focus must be to reduce reuse and recycling principles.

The main ecological advantage of using corrugated boxes is they are mainly using recycled materials. The corrugated boxes not using dying and bleaches. They are making from the timber of pine trees, Once they cultivated they are replacing the seedling to begin the process again. The corrugated boxes not only recycling but at the same time, it can be reusable also. The boxes are strong enough to use it again. It can be used for the same products for more than one time. The most important benefit of corrugated packaging is its high percentage of recycled components. So that it consumes only less energy for making it.

#3. Digital printing in corrugated boxes

In the year 2019, there is tremendous growth happened in digital printing. In today’s world computers are doing many things. So the packaging industry can’t be left out.

The product packaging materials with beautiful digital graphic designs always help to attract customers. It’s all like brand promotion and customer satisfaction. Many customers show their love for beautifully designed product packing.

Plastic packaging mainly used for single-use only but corrugated cardboard packaging has a different life cycle always. We can give a lot of creative ideas for reusing corrugated boxes. There are tons of creative ideas for re-using corrugated cardboard boxes. By placing a brand logo it acts as brand promotion. So digital printing plays a vital role in corrugated box packaging.

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