Benefits of Using Printed Corrugated Boxes

Benefits of Using Printed Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated box mainly used for pottery and glass packing. At today’s industry more than 80% of people using paperboard to corrugated cardboard for packaging. The size of the corrugated box depends on the production equipment. It can be the single layer or multiple layers depends on the size of the material. Small boxes always produced with paperboard and larger boxes with corrugated cardboard. The top and bottom always using the same material, but the difference is in the thickness. The printed corrugated boxes always have good quality and visual clarity.

The printed corrugated carton boxes and corrugated boxes both used for the commercial requirements of the client. It helps in a packing of pottery and glass. The corrugated box composed of a ribbed sheet with flat liner boards. The main advantage is that it has greater stiffness. That helps to improve durability and it will not bend easily. So due to the particular design, it can withstand the external pressure, compression and will protect the items from moisture.

Printed corrugated boxes have tremendous uses such as,

• Helps in the packaging of candy boxes
• Pizza boxes
• Vegetable boxes
• Duplex corrugated carton boxes etc

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The main benefits and uses of such boxes are,

1. Light Weight

The main problem in the shipping of goods is a weight of the transport item. So the corrugated carton boxes are lightweight. So it will be easy to transport and carry. The main example is the food boxes.

2. Strong Packing

Even though the boxes are light weight they must be strong enough to hold the items inside. When they are withstanding heavyweight it must handle wear and tear.This is a very important requirement for the goods which has to ship long distance.


Corrugated boxes must be cheap. The transportation itself is a very expensive process. So if the packing boxes also expensive the transportation overall cost will increase. They could buy bulk in retail price.

4. Flexibility

The main advantage of printed corrugated carton boxes, corrugated boxes are the flexibility. It could be easily reshaped. This reshaping property helps to improve the durability of the products. The printed corrugated carton boxes help a lot in marketing. It helps to give the product an attractive look. It will give the more appealing look for the product in the market.

5. Helps Nature

Printed corrugated carton boxes, corrugated boxes are eco-friendly. It can be reusable after a particular use. Recycling also possible since it is making from the pulp. This pulp later used for making new fiber products.

6. Easily Customizable

Printed corrugated carton boxes, corrugated boxes can be adjusted to any size so as to fit perfectly for the product. When it’s coming in different sizes it can be folded to different shapes. Most of the cartons have the stable cushion that keeps the product safe. It comes in various sizes and thickness depends on the user requirements.

7. Attractive Look

The printed Corrugated cartons always have a smooth surface. They consist of labels or stickers. It will give a professional look to the product in today’s competitive market.