Reduce the Packaging Wastes – Make it Eco-friendly

Reduce the Packaging Wastes – Make it Eco-friendly

Reducing packaging costs is one of the top concerns for any company that distributes products. There are many elements that go into packaging. With the need for increased packaging, the companies should take into consideration the environmental effects they cause after use. Care should be taken to use eco-friendly and recyclable products. Usage of plastics can be reduced in packing. Recyclable products like carton boxes and corrugated boxes can be used. By making some adjustments, most companies can easily reduce costs and increase revenue. The factors that help to reduce or minimize the waste packing are,

Avoid Overproduction

The companies should keep track of their waste management which helps them to decide the amount they need for packaging. They should not stalk up with a specific packaging as the size of the product differs with users requirements. They should try to collect the expired products from the stores and should take care of the disposal and packaging of the product. These strategies help them to limit their production, the changes need to be made and to minimize the waste created.

Training the Staff in Waste Management

The cost-effective way for companies to reduce packaging waste is to train their staffs in waste management. The awareness of managing the waste or minimizing the packaging gives long-term impact. This also helps to reduce the overproduction made by the companies. Proper training of recycling carton and corrugated boxes give an increased environmental awareness among the staff.

Making Use of Recycled Products

The companies should make use of the recyclable items in their packaging units other than the use and throw items. Widely used recyclable items are carton boxes and corrugated boxes. The carton boxes are made of paperboard or composites. Some of them are food graded to have direct contact with foods. They are widely used in the food industry. With small insulators on their covers, they shield the product effectively. They are biodegradable.

Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated paperboard, contains rows of air columns. These columns act as a cushion for the products within them. These boxes are widely used in distance transportation and longer shelf lived products.

Care should be taken to avoid usage of plastic containers which are not environmental friendly.

Minimal Packaging

Eliminating the empty space in packaging plays a major role in waste reduction. The staffs need to be trained for minimal packaging. This reduces the use of non-degradable fillers used within the package. Customers also will be irritated to see a big packing for a small product. It makes them think they are forced to pay for unwanted things.

Consumer’s Responsibility

 The consumer also plays a major role in waste management. Proper feedback should be given to the company when they feel the packaging is large or unwanted. They should try to make use of the packages in some way if not, should take measures to handle the products to the recyclers. They can try to loosen the articles wherever possible instead of purchasing packed food items.

With all these simple steps and recyclable products, we can have a greener environment with reduced hazardous landfills and can enjoy the safer ecosystem.

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