Importance of colors in Toys packaging

Importance of colors in Toys packaging

Packaging colors are one of the essential elements that will help to stand out from our competitor’s product. Depends on the color of the package we could convey a right physiological message to potential customers to buy the product.

When it comes to toy packing the corrugated manufactures has to consider a few factors also.

1. Consider Age Group

Children see colors differently depending on their age, If the packaging is doing for children under the age group of 2 it is best to use bright colors. For example, if we gave a color combination of deep purple and lemon green it will help to attract younger children. According to studies kids don’t like packaging with lots of same shades. So instead of different shades of red, we can replace with different types of colors. The corrugated box manufactures has to give more importance to color combinations for toys packaging.

2. Determine the color of packaging early stage

Packaging colors is the key factor for business growth. It helps to highlight the product apart from competitors. The corrugated box manufactures has to understand external influences such as culture change. How color is accepted by the society overtime need to understand early stage itself.

3. Choosing colors depends on the product goal

Color is expressive. It helps to elevate the feelings and emotions. First has to determine the goal of the product. Based on that has to choose the proper logo and colors. Color plays a crucial role in determining the attitude and emotions of kids for a particular toy. The corrugated box manufacturers have to make sure the colors send the right message. White and grey always gave a dull look to the package. As with white or gray, we can add a secondary color to change the look. For creating elegance and sophistication we can add gold or silver color.

Psychology of color packaging for kids is widely used in marketing and branding. It helps to attract kids attention. Many corrugated box manufactures see color as an important part of marketing

According to studies, Color has three basic properties: (Hue, Lightness, and Chroma). Variation in any or all of these properties could influence customers very much.

In the case of kids, It has been proved that colors have a strong effect on. Determining the right color is an important factor in creating the impression for product selection. The main thing in choosing the right color is the package color helps the kids to generate an ability to recognize a product. The package coloring and design help to draw a picture in mind for kids.

Color helps in establishing brand recognition and reputation. It also confers trust among customers. Most of the toy purchasing decision customers taking based on the color and the packaging. Without prior knowledge about the company most of the customers looking at the packaging and description of the product. Color mapping plays a crucial role to attract customers.


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