3 Major Types of Packaging – An Overview

3 Major Types of Packaging – An Overview

Good brands always strategized the packaging designs at the initial stage itself. The fragile devices need to pack their product to align with their branding and popularity among customers. As the technological advance packaging industry also have to grow to meet the business requirements. It is very important to select the appropriate packaging decision for enhancing the product and customer experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of printed packaging box manufacturer to improve customer satisfaction.

1. Rigid Packaging Box

Rigid boxes mainly used for the packing of luxury products. Even though they are making from cardboards their durability is very high. It is 4 times thicker than the normal board using for packaging. So that the durability is very high. Rigid boxes are considered as the most expensive box style packaging.

Laminated rigid boxes are very elegant and attract everyone attention. It helps to create curiosity among customers about the material inside. If we are adding beautiful graphics also it will improve customer satisfaction.

2. Corrugated boxes

corrugated boxes are one of the most common ways of packaging. It helps the shipping and transfer of goods. the corrugated board is much stronger compared to other materials. It has mainly two layers liner and medium.

Corrugated boxes are preparing using recycled paper. These types of boards can be recycled many times. So it is very environmentally friendly. Corrugated boxes give maximum protection, They act as a cushion for the product which it carries. It keeps away moisture and bacteria. Corrugated boxes provide maximum protection to the products inside. It is easy to customize. It is cost-effective and sustainable also.

Corrugated box manufacturers are mainly focused on the strength of the boxes. Because these boxes need to carry heavier objects.

3. Boxboard or Paperboard Cartons

The Boxboard is thin and lightweight compared to corrugated boxes. It mainly used to carry breakfast cereals, shoes, and crackers. It does have the middle layer to give extra strength. The bottom part of these boxes can be used for art and craftworks. The paperboard used for wallboard products and wall separations, For paperboard packaging usually follows traditional methods such as die-cutting glueing and folding. Food processors getting new innovative packing ideas through boxboard packaging.

The fresh fiber and strong, multi-layer structure of paper boards help to give higher strength and stiffness, As a result, it provides converting excellence, reliable packaging performance, and high material efficiency. As a result, it will reduce overall weight and will reduce supply chain cost.

Quality control begins with the printed packaging box manufacturers. They will take samples from individual packets and will test. The testing process carries a series of process such as Glue strength, bursting strength, compression, and highly accurate dimensional tests. They will measure the moisture inside the pack and depends on the value will make the further decision process. They will also check Trimming, cutting, and scoring must be correct. No damage to the cardboard is allowed. Future printed packaging box manufacturer must concentrate on recycled packaging. They have to use inks and biodegradable oils.

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